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Best Theatre Scripts

The Best Theatre Scripts for Social Change

Social attractions have the power to compel people and inspire change within them. Theatre is uniquely positioned in its ability to move not just audiences, but actors, writers, and directors as well.

Shadow House PITS write offers the best theatre scripts available online because we recognize that in order to face today’s most challenging social issues, we need art that can rise up to the challenge.

Our plays don’t take formalist approaches to these complicated issues. All of our scripts take a surrealist approach to theatre. This gives creators the imaginative freedom they need to address complex social issues through the twin mediums of theatre and performance. Each artist creates something unique when they encounter our surrealist plays. What you bring to these performances, this creative endeavor, will help shape how your audience, and indeed yourself, faces today’s issues.

Why do the best theatre scripts available on our website take a surrealist approach? We believe that truly radical theatrical art can only emerge at points of fracture in our cultural psyche. Surrealist theatre draws on the works of Antonin Artaud, Bertolt Brecht, and others. These playwrights strove to create dynamic systems of performance that would do more than just create entertaining art. They demanded a new level of performance on the stage that would bring the audience directly into the experiential nature of plays. This, in turn, brings audiences, creators, and writers together into the conversation around today’s most complicated social issues.

Our social attractions are designed to be phenomenological in their construction and performance. The talent that you bring to your rendition of one of our plays will have fundamental impacts on how your audience perceives it. Who you choose to cast, direct, and help create the play shapes its own internal social context. Even the makeup of your audience can radically alter how your play is perceived.

Our theatre takes this into account and designs plays with these complicated social interactions in mind.

If you’re ready to break the limited experiences of the stage, perform one of our surrealist plays with your theatre group.

To check out our plays, click HERE.

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