Monologues For Students

Monologues for Theatre Performers at Every Stage

Challenging Theatre Scripts is proud to provide theatre scripts for performance groups at every level. We provide scripts that are perfect for students, independent theatres, and larger theatre groups. We create monologues for students as well as monologues for theatre groups that are looking to explore social issues through surrealist theatre.

Surrealist theatre challenges the fundamental boundaries of performance and the stage. When you read one of our scripts, you are going to be engaging with theatre that pushes boundaries not only on the stage, but off it as well.

We live in challenging times. This is something the great surrealist playwrights have always sought to grapple with. Surrealist plays have a unique way of punching through misconceptions and making direct contact with our audiences. They can do this because they challenge the boundary between creator, actor, and audience.

Plays are something co-created between the audience, the actors, prop masters, and every other creative that works on a play. Surrealism takes the direct approach in exploring this creative space by challenging not only our assumptions about each individual role, but also our assumptions about how plays can help bring about social change.

One of the most important jobs for monologues for students is to give them scripts that will help them explore their talent and give them the power they need to change the world. Dry recitations of old material build dry talent on the stage. Your students need new, surrealist work to stay engaged and continue that all important journey to discovering the pinnacle of their skills.

Our monologues for theatre are also perfect for other stage groups. You don’t have to be a student to know that sharpening your skills is an ongoing process that involves working with the often challenging nature of surrealist plays.

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