8 Monologues from "Violine" (Male and Female)

8 Monologues from "Violine" (Male and Female)

Violine was described as "A spirited play of love and survival told in an exceptional way".

It features the actual war time diaries of Jack Woodward who was captured at Kalamata Bay during the Greek campaign and later imprisoned in Austria at Stalag 18A for four years until the end of World War 2. 


It has had a number of presentations including being part of a subscriptions season at The Street Theatre in Canberra. However the most significant presentation was in Wolfsberg in Austria near the actual where much of the action takes place. 


Though based in a true experience, the play uses a surreal form to capture the mind of an Alzheimer's sufferer who narrates the story. 


A mistake was made in the first production to produce the play in a "Representational" manner. This negated the necessary distortions. It was far more effective as a presentational work even with actors simply reading into microphones in front of a large audience. 


Any future productions must adhere to this imperitive that it simply be read or produced in a presentational manner that removes all attempt at realism.


Click HERE to read ACT 1 of Violine. I hope you enjoy it and feel tempted to seek more.