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Artaud, Brecht, and Our Culture of Theatre

Our online scripts draw from a rich and complicated tradition of surrealist theatre ranging from Strindberg, to Artaud, to Brecht. We seek to explore theatre and its culture and create scripts that shatter the artificial boundaries put in place by contemporary theatre and its formalist history.

Like the writer and playwright Artaud, our plays want to take the audience by storm. Culture is both the structure that undergirds our daily lives and the confines that hold us tightly in systems of oppression.

When we explore the cracks in theatre and its culture, we find areas where we can burst forth.

Our theatre grows out of these cracks in the perceived facades of our shared reality. Theatre, like a carefully conducted scientific experiment, can challenge our accepted truths and usher in new understandings.

Much like Brecht’s Dialectic Theatre, our scripts plunge themselves into contemporary conversations and bring us to new understandings by intersecting complex social issues with the lived experience of our everyday lives.

Our scripts draw heavily from the influence provided by some of theatre’s most challenging playwrights. If you are looking for scripts that shatter conceptual boundaries, then you’ve found the right company. Get in touch with us to learn more about our scripts and perform one of our plays today!

Click HERE to see our scripts. For a play that directly relates to Artaud, see GEESE and click HERE.

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