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Theatre Workshops

Surrealist Theatre, Workshops, and Scripts

We are all students of our craft. Whether we are playwrights, actors, directors, or any other talented member of a theatre production, there are always new things we can learn about our art. We are proud to host theatre workshops and webinars on the skills, technique, and history of surrealist theatre.

Improving your skills on or behind the stage is all about exploring new boundaries.
The best way to keep growing your skills as an artist is to handle material that challenges both the performer and the audience. When you hone your craft with surrealist theatre, you are going to be taking on a style of theatre that is more than just known for being challenging, it’s designed to be.

Surrealist theatre is meant to challenge our assumptions as artists as well as our audiences assumptions when they sit down for a performance. Whether it’s pushing the boundaries of the technical aspects of theatre and performance or it’s getting the audience to see a complex social issue in a new light, surrealist theatre is the best vehicle for exploring the boundaries of your skills.

Our theatre workshops are all about testing out new waters. When you want to improve your craft, you need to handle new material that challenges you and pushes you to succeed. Whether you are new to surrealist theatre and you want to get first hand experience in something very challenging or you are familiar with this style and are looking to get deeper experience, our workshops and webinars are exactly what you’ve been looking for!

Reach out to us today to learn more about our upcoming workshops and get ready to explore the boundaries of theatre!

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