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Shadow House PITS Write

Discover Challenging and Moving Online Theatre Scripts

At Shadow House PITS Write, we want to do more than offer you outstanding online theatre scripts, we want to give you material that pushes the boundaries of theatre and tackles challenging social issues head on.

Surrealist theatre is all about challenging our conceptions about theatre as an art form. When we perform surrealist theatre, we are exploring the very edges of what makes theatre a unified artistic field. Our scripts seek to keep this tradition alive and give your performers some challenging theatrical material that will help them discover, and break through, the limits of their talent while staying engaged with today’s most challenging topics.

The scripts we write at Shadow House PITS Write don’t shy away from today’s biggest social issues. As part of the tradition of surrealist theatre, we are committed to exploring these challenging topics in ways that look to challenge our very understanding and conceptions about these issues.

Our online theatre scripts are built on the history of surrealist plays. This is a tradition that has always been concerned with freedom, justice, and our interconnected lives. We write scripts that dive straight into these topics and many more.

If you are ready to discover challenging surrealist scripts that are perfect for theatre groups as well as students, visit our online store today!

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