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Acquiesce or Attack in the Arts

So much of arts practice and education calls for resistance to mounting emotional, physical and administrative pressure. The choice is to acquiesce or attack. Do we as practitioners, teachers, artists, students, members of the community or journalists and writers of influence simply retreat and acquiesce to the relenting attack of mediocre and reactionary charlatans, budding fascists and fearful conservatives and religious zealots when faced with threats to the very core of artistic and cultural integrity and being?

Think about it!

Arts teachers, theatre administrators, journalists, practitioners ... how many decisions made are the result of acquiescence to dominant political and social agendas and paradigms and how much of the decisions and creative activity is the result of stepping back and truly looking though the windows of cultural insanity and social straitjacketing? Be honest!

Is it really worth the effort? Or is promotion to the next level of egoistic elevation more significant as a determinant of artistic and educational decision making? Think about it!

How many theatre, dance and arts companies have disappeared once managerial acquiescence took centre stage?

Think about it!

If you would like more detail without my running the risk of a defamation charge, then contact me directly.

Joe W

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