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Linking the Physical with the Experiential and the Existential

Photo by Bosco Shots on Unsplash


synthesize our experience of the world

draw together elements of life as we have experienced

live dead



Explorations in the physical

when incorporating an awareness of experience

allows us to MOVE beyond demonstration

actions, ideas, motifs

to go beyond

less mimesis


reflected in our application of form


action imbued with meaning

directly related to the social environment

words imbued with actions

with shapes

physical shapes

possible design elements that give rise to a wider world

beyond the linear

And beyond the reductionist view

Something of value

to exploit the physical

shaped experience of the real world

Now a new experience

from the base level of a physical mode

exploration of ideas

Beyond abstract

We are taking things beyond mimesis

We are moving into an imagination

travelling through forms of the physical

that contain elements of the apathetic particular

though not the end point

Something that we can aim for

only very rarely achieve

an existential moment

derived from this welding or this linking

a symbiotic relationship of experience and experiencing through the physical

Finding the Existential

The existential

a whole new area

Making decisions and choices in an existential mode

suggests that there is confidence in the form

confidence in the physicality of understanding

actuality of experience within the form

to come up with solutions that

extend the boundaries of the form

an extension that takes on a whole reality of its own

a significant breakthrough

the Eureka moment

like in mathematics you discover a new formula

a breakthrough in the science of enough

through experimentation through going through constant work

it is often the accidental discovery

the thing that wasn't planned

but happened virtually by accident

by some freakish event

something is discovered through the use of the form

an existential moment

true to that particular welding of physical experience

exploration beyond even the control of the person

this existential moment of being

this recognition of something new

a significant accidental of achievement

that rare moment where we actually discovered something that goes beyond ...

So back to linear

Three simple words: Physical, Experiential, Existential ... and the meanings are at once precise while leaking their understanding into relational gravities that challenge the necessity of all precision!

When starting with the Physical, one is constantly seeking signs of potential experience and the possibility of existential moments that might or might not arise. But there is a process that is sequential. The existential phase is never artificially constructed; it emerges from some intuitive, even accidental, realization and discovery emerging from the welding of the physical and the experiential in us.


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