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Story Telling as a Hybrid Art

Story telling is the first literacy and still the most powerful.

Story telling by a person reaching out to other persons is the most basic and fundamental form of story telling art. Over many centuries this became emboldened with theatre, literature, advertising, film and video, radio and even business practices and political promotions. Trinculo, the character adapted from Shakespeare's original character from "The Tempest", now given form by Joe Woodward, is bringing back the focus on the story telling while still incorporating the theatre elements. SO, when you come to Smiths Alternative to see "Metamorphosis", you will see a completely unique show. Should there be follow-up performances, they will be slightly different interpretations of the same story.

Jolene Mifsud AKA InkBits will be finding the metamorphosis in contemporary and personal settings as will Sophia Marzano. Expect something very different in the National Capital's theatre scene!

Surrealist supplement in Story Telling hybrid

Paradoxically, a new surrealist mode of expression will be used to counter the literal meaning of the spoken word and through a kind of calculated distortion will actually attempt to focus on key experience that is just as valid as any delivery of linear exposition. In other words, image and sound and the use of juxtaposition and vocal inflections will be part of the story telling.

Phantom Gravity Performances

Shadow House PITS has coined the phrase "Phantom Gravity" to encapsulate its presentations; mixing the terms "phantom power" and the concept of "gravitation" to suggest that attraction to mostly unknown or unconscious pulls to which individuals, societies and cultures are compelled. In attending one of or our "Phantom Gavity" presentations, audiences can be assured of some form of disturbance in the emotional gravitation of daily life and perception. While theatre has this power, it is in fact rarely used.

So welcome to the world of Artaud, Kafka, surrealism, absurd theatre, story telling, fun times on razor blades and time to talk and reboot ...

Phantom Gravity 1 takes place at Smith's Alternative on Tuesday 22 September at 6.00pm.

All tickets are $20 and numbers are very limited due to COVID19.


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