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The Role of Artists Working in Theatre


Life is fluid. In spite of many beliefs about the nature of our existence, nothing is certain. NOTHING! Fixed beliefs, as discussed in our previous blog, only put a straitjacket around our experience. If you think about it, theatre with its inherent ephemeral quality provides the ideal mechanism for creating social understandings and opening the doorways and windows to new visions. Yet too often it adopts very fixed processes to create a locked universe in a production that reduces the greatest asset the theatre possesses. These Shadow House PITS Write blogs, videos or articles are attempting to address the thinking and processes necessary to rectify this situation.

I recently read "Creating Character ARCS: The Masterful Author's Guide to Uniting Story Structure, Plot and Character Development" by K.M. Weiland. While I found the work to be an excellent masterclass in plotting a novel or play or screenplay, I realized that Weiland's processes and analysis were just as applicable to one's own life as they were to the characters in the novel or play or screenplay. You could read the book without having any interest in writing a novel and still gain insight into your own life and life's structure. So what does this say about art, literature and reading this newsletter right now?

Liminality, Negative Capability, PO and the Cockroach

Over recent years three constant concepts along with the "cockroach" metaphor have indicated and defined the angle or perspectives from which theatre processes might be understood and propagated. This video vlog deals with Liminality. Previous or future blogs and vlogs will deal in some depth with "Negative Capability" and Edward de Bono's "PO" or "provocation operation".

Essentially, I hope these articles might have value for you in a personal way, just as K.M. Weiland's book had on me. The relationship between the work and the personal is paramount in all we can do.

Best wishes

Joe W

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