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Image by Christine Engelhardt (Stine86Engel)

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You will hear cast members speak of having been changed with their involvement in the project. Some speak openly of having to consider things they had never thought about. Others have achieved levels of skill they didn’t know they possessed. Theatre can provide the individual with a challenge to look into one’s whole being in order to control a communication or/and to re-assess and evaluate one’s connection to the world. At a fundamental level, the project challenges one’s very notion of what it is to be a social being.


Culturally, our work is part of a rejuvenation process. By looking at aspects of our immediate history and relating these to our contemporary situation, we can both re-affirm and re-assess ourselves. Cathedral Song requires the stepping into some Australian Catholic traditions and being aware of the changing cultural movement over the last half century. It asks us to relate traditional practices with individual needs for spiritual connectedness. It asks us to see how our personal journeys and searching are aided and threatened by social and cultural agendas and competing concerns.


In posing these questions, we are challenged to view the issue of drug use not in isolation but as part of the natural desire for adventure and personal journey which has been diverted and betrayed. The girl in the Cathedral is seeking for something higher than her mundane existence. The beauty in her ordinary voice, the colours in the windows, the emptiness of the cavernous structure of the building provide her with some connection to the ghosts of her ancestry and potential of her future. She says she can’t explain it. But she is aware of something more.


Our challenge is to see how best we can accommodate and facilitate that search through the institutions we serve and through our daily interactions with each other.


Click HERE to download a sample text. Enjoy the read be tempted to read whole script.

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