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"Our Lady By The Beach Over The Sea" is about the deceptive nature of dreams, illusion and idealism compounded by artistic inspiration. The narrative deals with a meeting between an aging man and his muse of fifty years earlier; that woman he painted, wrote poems for, and then waited a lifetime to recover her love. But his meeting uncovers an unexpected and yet revealing aspect of art and dreams. The world of the sea and the sand where they meet is not a static or balanced universe but rather is an uncompromising clash within nature.


Referencing John Keats' poems "Lamia" and "The Fall of Hyperion" and utilising spoken text, music, operatic voices, Butoh dance, image theatre and digital video "Our Lady By The Beach Over The Sea" will stimulate dreams and challenge one's own known world of certainty.


As with all Shadow House PITS work, there is a Jungian basis for the intent, origin and structure of the production. 


Download a sample text HERE and enjoy the read.

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