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Shadow In The Dark

Shadow In The Dark

Denise is a young teacher haunted by a shadow figure since her childhood. She secretly lusts after a talented student from her English class and records her thoughts in a diary which falls into the wrong hands. After breaking up with the boyfriend, she is working back one night in the school when a shadowy figure confronts her in the staff room. Who is it? The dialogue is one way. The figure is silent but will not let her leave. Slowly, she comes to understand what the figure wants. But WHO it is confounds her. Her failure to understand leads to a horrific murder. The chilling result of this meeting forms the core of the play.

When first produced, audiences were sitting on the edge of their seats and very "jumpy". In some respects, SHADOW IN THE DARK defines the parameters of SHADOW HOUSE PITS. The psychological, the erotic and the boundaries between audience and performer are challenged in this daring play.

The performing rights are available for any group, amateur or professional, provided such groups are willing to explore the extreme in production. It requires four actors (though it could be performed with three) and lots of imagination. Running time is approximately 75min. with no interval.

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    It would be FREE for workshops or educational purposes. 
    If there is a door price, the fee would be $80 Aus per performance for community and amateur productions.

    Professional productions would incur a 10% of gross box office takings as a royalty.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Joe Woodward

$10.00 Regular Price
$5.00Sale Price
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